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OOC Introduction post!

Hi, everyone!!! I was told to make an OOC post with my lj name and stuff, so this is it! (I like Tifa's overdrives and the number 18. >_> Plus, I couldn't think of anything else lol) Okay, I'm still kind of reading up on the history of the rp and stuff, but I promise that I will read everything so I'm not lost and make Tifa say/do something really stupid. (and if I do, feel free to smack me. I can take it)

Ummm....I guess that's it. Oh, my aim screen name is beatrush18. (Like I said...I like her overdrives and the number 18! *innocent smile*) Ha, okay. Any questions feel free to ask via comment or aim...it doesn't matter to me! As for now....I really need to leave for work! Bye!

P.S. OH! One more thing. I noticed that Tifa was in the middle of an RP with Aeris (or Aerith, or whichever one you guys use...let me know)...and Zack wanted to set one up with her. I'm still game for both of those as long as you are if you want to finish/start them, so just poke me sometime, kay?
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